Store Bought or Hand Tied Flies

With your fly fishing network guide Jon Book.

When is a trout fly a piece of artwork or a tool to out smart a trout? Shall we gaze at our fine collection of flies as if we were looking at artwork in a gallery or shall we look at them as a carpenter looks at his tools?

The answer... We do both.

I know for a fact that when I open any fly box I see the colors of a Winslow Homer watercolor or a Whistler fire works display.

Drab earth colors of brown and grey toped with a gold bead or ribbed with silver tinsel. A little scarlet floss on the Royal Coachman finished off with green peacock and golden pheasant tail. I've got to say it is like looking at artwork in a museum.

Some of the flies will get a little rough looking. Some have broken tinsel or fur and don't have that just tied look. Those are the ones that get the job done.

Some of my roughest looking flies are my best fish producers and they show it. How many times have we passed on some of the old flies that we wished we had back? Maybe we lost an old Muddler that was pretty ratty but it always come through when that fresh tied on let you down.

If you're like me when ever I open the fly box you see not only beauty but also lots of great memories on streams and fish of yesterday.

Good luck and be safe.

Jon Book