Caught in the Rain

With your fly fishing network guide Jon Book.

It was a hot muggy day, and my brother Rod and I were fishing a small stream in upper Michigan. It was one of those real slow days where you could not buy a strike, or a fish, if wanting to.

It just so happened that a summer rainstorm had blown up quite unexpectedly. We both headed for cover under a large group of cedars that hung over the river. The rain came down and dippled the surface of the water. I had left my fly line out in the stream with my rod resting on my arm while we had a chat in the rain.

After a while, I noticed my rod was being pulled as though it was snagged on a log. I saw the fish surface, and I realized that when the rain started it must have given the fish a run off of insects or flies to feed on. Or the rain on the water gave them the cover to come out to feed.

It turned out to be a successful day on the stream. Thank God we did not have any lightening to worry about while standing under those cedars!