Christmas Memory

With your fly fishing network guide Jon Book.

As we sat around the Christmas table and talked about all the great things that were bestowed on us, I couldn't pass off the wonderful times I had fishing with family and friends.

It was a great year with lots of good memories. Memories that will linger in thought for years to come. Maybe I didn't get that big brown that laid under a big log just down stream from the landing, or that high jumping rainbow that broke my leader on it's third jump and the sight of brook trout laying just under the banks as we drifted by in the canoe.

The sights, smells and sounds will last until another season approaches and we feel the cool water as it rises on our waders, the wiz of the dragon flies, the ring of the mosquitoes by the clump of cedars that hold some good trout and secrets never shared.

Too all have a happy New Year and share some time with family and friends. Better yet, take them fishing.

Happy Holidays,
John Book