Under the Bank, Spring Rainbows

With your fly fishing network guide Jon Book.

One time my brother Rod and I were fishing early rainbows in a small creek just north of town. It was the day after St. Patrick's Day and a fresh wet snow of eight inches covered the ground. It almost put a damper on our outing but the day before Rod had caught two nice fish that were bright silver with a tinge of pink.

We made our way down stream where the creek was narrow but quite deep. The water was gin clear and the sun was bright on the snow, and our sunglasses helped to see if we could catch a glimpse of a trout on the gravel beds.

We split up and tied on the same fly pattern that worked for Rod the day before. We fish hard and tried every trick in the book. I knew they were in there but we just couldn't put a finger on one.

We worked our way back up stream to the little m=narrow stretch of the creek where Rod had got the job done.

'Where did they go?' Rod said with a little disappointment in the tone of his voice. I lay down in the snow next to the bank and cupped my hands over the bill of my cap and around my eyes. Looking down in the creek and just under the bank lay six nice rainbow trout. Their fins gently worked the current and their noses were tight to the under side of the creek bank.

'They're still here' I said, 'but they're just not ready. We'll have to come back another day when we have a little cloud cover and they're not so spooky.'

We went to school that day and got a good lesson on where to look for trout 101.

Good luck and be safe.

Jon Book