Fly Casting Techniques - Overhand Cast

Overhand Cast

The overhand cast is used to pick your fly line up off the water and reposition your fly on a different target. This cast will be used many times over to get you into the spot where you might encounter a fish.

Overhand Cast

1 - Face your target and point your rod tip at the target. Lower your rod tip to let all the slack out of your line.

2 - Raise your rod tip and begin to accelerate your lift slowly but steadily to get your fly line off the water.

3 - Apply some speed to your backstroke. This will load your fly rod with energy to propel your line into the back cast.

4 - Stop the rod quickly to form a tight loop as it passes overhead. The shorter the stroke and a good straight plane will make a smaller loop.

5 - Stop as the back cast unrolls behind you. You will start to feel the slightest pull. This will start to be the signal to begin your forward acceleration.